Commanding a Harem [v1.0.9.1] By Thomoto

Thomoto Games released a new game called Commanding a Harem and the version is The game’s story is about You were a commander of a powerful group that protects humanity, but after being trapped in a memory eating creature demesne, you are freed but half of your memories are gone. You decide to start a new life and command a new group. Interact throughout the world, make new memories and regain your old ones.​

File Size:922.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Fixed menu option to advance time, advancing to wrong dedicated time


  • Added a new side-story “BUMP & ALONE”
  • Added two parts of the side-story


  • Removed photos app in the FORT ANEWL desktop (WIP)

Developer Notes:

There are side-stories in this game, different side stories have different prizes. You can either get a rare item, money or gems, outfits, slayers and more! Stats play a role in your group of girls. Affection is required to do some H-scenes or to progress throughout her story. S lutiness can make the girl do more unusual H-Scenes, such as BDSM, Outdoors, etc. Obedience increases the money outcome of deployment missions and of course do some H-Scenes. Salary level is the most important to making more money, the more you give them money the more they pay out.

Stranger, Friends, Crush, In love. You will need to progress throughout a girl’s story and increase their affection and get to a certain story level. If you reach 100 affection and the status reaches to In love you will be allowed to marry her. Reaching the final level, Oath.

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Before Remake


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