Chronos the Floating Prison Ship [Final] By Black Lilith

Black Lilith Games released a new game called Chronos the Floating Prison Ship and the version is Final. The game’s story is about In the Forest Belt, regarded as a taboo area, an operative ship named Chronos that went missing 80 years ago was discovered. Emina and her co-workers stepped into this ship to get some materials to fix their battleship without knowing what was awaiting them…

Developer:Black Lilith
File Size:374.7 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Developer Notes:

* Numerous aliens strike!
Aliens in Chronos attack heroines one by one to interbreed!

* Various types of aliens!

  • Tiny aliens that stick to the groin or breasts
  • Adult and violent aliens in a shape of human with a strong procreative power
  • Aliens in different shape with odder way of sexual approach such as vore and bondage
  • there seems to be an unknown creature that gave birth to all of these aliens…

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