Cheating Crush [v0.24] By Prscyse

Prscyse Games released a new game called Cheating Crush and the version is 0.24. The game’s story is about This is both an NTR & false-NTR fast pace story about a bullied student who’s cheated on by his best friend’s crush, as well as his girlfriend. Although you play the game from the protagonist’s point of view, you will also be able to read the two main female character’s detailed thoughts. That is, what’s going on in their minds as one of them shamelessly cheats, while the other one slowly becomes corrupted.

There’s spying, phone spying, anecdote-telling cuckolding, “eyewitness” cuckolding, physical appearance comparison, sleeping rape & drug-facilitated sexual assault (weed).

File Size:961.7 MB
OS:Windows, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  •…).slice is not a function error fix.
  • Temporarily disabled patron option to change characters’ names.


  • Added a new scene that introduces two new characters: Sinahi & Getsenami.
  • Added parenthesis to thoughts for most of the game.
  • Added brackets to texting for most of the game.
  • Added quotation marks to dialogs for most of the game.
  • Improved sentence construction of many text lines to make the writing more concise and less wordy.
  • Upgraded some map tiles.


  • Added “search history” to Scarlett’s phone inspection options during the first scene.
  • Added a short outcome scene when not returning Scarlett’s phone. Part 2.
  • Introduced random consequences. E.g. If Scarlett’s phone is not returned, she comes back to the classroom. There she encounters two students and tries to get her phone back. She will either succeed or fail on her first attempt. This will be random, so you can save/reload to see different results.
  • Added “quest-like” instructions to more parts of the game.
  • Fixed a visual bug when pressing the buttons of HTML Tab, Shift, etc…
  • Added more NPC interactions to the first classroom scene.
  • Animated NPCs in the first classroom scene.
  • Added a new Corridor map after the first Classroom scene. This map has access to Volleyball Court, Class A, B, C, and Basketball Court.
  • Reduced zoom to 2.6.
  • Upgraded many map tiles.

Developer Notes:

I’m planning on adding more content to the game every week. I have a lot written already, just need to create the images and put it all into the game.

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