Bryn’s Adventure [v0.91] By Bryn

Bryn Games released a new game called Bryn’s Adventure and the version is 0.91. The game’s story is about Redhead school girl get’s blackmailed into doing various missions around the city, involving nudity, exhibitionism and other risky tasks. Collect GPS tags and convert them into Task Points to unlock the missions at night. Missions depend on day or night when they’re completed. Bryn has 14 days to complete 10 missions. Avoid strange men at night.

File Size:752.4 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • IMPORTANT Stats – For stats to work successfully a new game will need to be started. This will be due to your old saves not tallying up stats correctly, which may not trigger events.
  • Stats have been added for Bryn, when she is caught at night and a H scene has occurred, a stat point will be added. This includes, Oral, Breast, Vagina, Butt, and Womb. This will matter towards V1.0 when it comes to ‘How the game ends’, but also the Womb stat will be a big factor in a different ending also.
  • Womb Stat – With the womb stat, if Bryn is caught through multiple H scenes, where vaginal is chosen. Womb stat will build up and if it hits a certain value, this will trigger an ending (which is yet to be implemented).
  • Showering – Nice and simple, Bryn can shower once a day to remove -1 Womb stat. That’s if you remember too. Up to you ;].
  • Added phone – Pressing E or Page up/Or whatever you bind it to. Opens the phone menu, from here you can access many options which are super useful, such as a static map, body development, stats, settings, recall room.
    *Be warned, using the phone in the city at night still means the walkers run around. Open your phone with being out of sight.
  • Body development – This is something early in the works. So you’ll find a great looking new type of stat menu, but not the stats. Just more flavour text which works around the Stats mentioned above. I have a plan to change the H scenes to more ‘enjoyable or different’ as the stats develop.
  • Caught School district x6 – Added a scene that plays if the player is caught in the School district 6 times.
  • Added Butt H Scene – Yup. Added it. now 4/4 scenes are available. Worked on a new type of rendering CGs and I think this turned out okay. Better quality in detail. A move later on when looking at remaking or adding new H scenes as mentioned in Body development, I’ll remake the doggy one. (Beyond V1.0 though)
  • Baldman – After day 12, there is a 40% chance of rain (Was 20%) of happening which will spawn him.

Developer Notes:

A while ago I mentioned about making a game and got some comments in return which I took on board and rewrote some things. Dev Back Story – I started the project back in May, using my spare time outside of my full time career to create it. It’s inspired from the style and mechanics of Naked Adventure and Naked Order, I really enjoyed these risk-run style of games. I always want to be transparent that I am adequate with software and logic. I am not a coder who can write out JS scripts, or draw beautiful art. I am using AI Graphics with my own prompts and polishing the images off in photoshop where something may be off, if you notice anything off please let me know. I have mixed a set of sounds to go with some of the events in the game with SFX and BGMs, so generally I’m average at everything T_T. Please don’t post the usual ‘Blergh ai generated scumbag’ I get it, if that’s how you feel about ai generated stuff, please ignore this game and

Sadly a month ago I updated my OS which then killed the RPGMV game engine for me, therefore having to revert my OS and in the process I zip-compressed the entire progress from May to October. But… I never copied it over to the USB stick. You should’ve seen my face when I plugged in the USB to restore all my files and not find the project I have been working on in the past 5 months in my spare time. This was a blessing in disguise as the game was getting out of control with all the multiple branches I was going down and getting distracted. So as of the start of November I rebuilt it, the entire thing and streamlined what I wanted to produce for a demo release, which I will be releasing in a ‘Rough around the edges’ version.

a ‘Rough around the edges’ version. The demo will introduce 10 missions to be completed within 14 days and include four zones, the story will begin and there will be a successful ending or a bad ending. The work I still need to do for the demo is add NPCs, “generally populating areas (mostly day time)”, and add up some flavour text/interactions with those NPCs. For now I have just worked on the main thing mechanics of the game to see if it just works. So below you will find a few screenshots of the gameplay, and a global map view of each of the four main districts (zones), – which I still need to add a bit more to. Other stuff – If you wish to support me on Patreon you can and that would be lovely, but I advise you to wait until trying this release of course to see if it’s something you’d like. Notes and feedback (constructive of course) is welcomed here, please do reply to this post if you have anything in that regard.

Game Images & Screenshots


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