Broken Colors [Day 1] By The Ink Room

The Ink Room Games released a new game called Broken Colors and the version is Day 1. The game’s story is about You being a cashier at a convenience store, depressed and lonely with your mundane life, hoping for a bit of excitement. One day you meet a peculiar stranger who’s sweet and shy at first, but one kind gesture is all it takes to make him stalk and admire you a bit too much and be a danger to everyone else around you. Be careful how you treat him and others, for pain and death will follow you like a shadow. But perhaps fate has other plans for you.

Developer:The Ink Room
File Size:139.3 MB
Version:Day 1
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Day 1
-Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This is our free Demo of Day 1, the ‘Introduction Chapter’ as we call it. We consider it to be SFW, however, we ask that minors stay away from this game. As for our adult players, we hope you enjoy it!

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