BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition [Final] By D-Dub Software

D-Dub Software Games released a new game called BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition and the version is Final. The game’s story is about GTA meets South Park with sex and drugs in BoneTown, a hilariously hardcore game that combines free roaming, action adventure gameplay with fucking, fighting, and getting fucked up.​

Developer:D-Dub Software
File Size:3.96 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

BoneTown Releases Updated Engine

Bonetown August 5 update with Episode One

Episode One: MiniDog and WeeWee
This mission can be started in two places. The first is in the Havajo Indian Reservation, right outside the Casino. The second place you can start this mission is in Downtown, right outside the movie theater, and right across the street from the La Migra Headquarters.

Amish Crackhead and the new Crackpipe
This can be found in Downtown, right down the street from the movie theater where Episode One can be started. If you go from the movie theater towards Golden Rod Gym (where all the rockers are), you will pass the Catholic Church. Halfway between the Catholic Church and Golden Rod Gym, the Amish Crackhead and his woman can be found hanging out on the sidewalk. They are on the opposite side of the street from the Church and Gym.

Angelica the Angel
This is started in Downtown by jumping on top of the Catholic Church behind the movie theater. Jump onto the crest of the two-sided pitched roof. Then walk to the very edge of this roof, so you’re looking out over the water. There should appear a text box telling you to jump to the cloud to start the mission. From there, you jump to the closest cloud you can see, hovering over the street in front of you

We know people are going to like this one. We’ve heard a lot about accidentally loosing your outfit when you’re just trying to pick up a weapon. Well, no longer. Now, when you steal someone’s outfit, your old outfit goes onto the knocked out person, so you can steal it right back if you didn’t mean to make the switch.

Someone on the forums suggested being able to change the music, and we thought it was a good idea. So, now on the minimap and in the world, you can find a musical note. When you go to the musical note, you can change the music playing in the world around you.

The final change in this update involves the AI continually running straight into walls, furniture, or anything else in the world. This will happen less. We have added some extra intelligence to the AI so they know feel the way we do, that running into a wall forever like an idiot really ruins the immersive experience.

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