Bodyguard of Lust [v0.1.7] By Lust Vamp

Lust Vamp Games released a new game called Bodyguard of Lust and the version is 0.1.7. The game’s story is about A young man who seeks a better life financially by working as a security guard. One day his sister invites him to work with her in a mansion that has opened vacancies for bodyguards. In a place that happened to be dominated only by female employees, his duty becomes to take care of the security of the house, and more importantly, to ensure that the two little princesses, daughters of the tycoon, are 100% safe.​

Developer: Lust Vamp
File Size:772.4 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Old saves probably don’t work anymore, they could crash your game
  • 1 a new animation, Ana with Thomas.
  • New intro images of the protagonist’s story.
  • New lines in the introduction to the protagonist’s story.
  • New image when talking to Laura in the afternoon
  • New image when talking to Thalia in her room
  • New image when talking to Lua in her room.
  • 2 new images of Lua sleeping. (released the second image with friendship level 2 with her.)
  • 2 new images of Thalia sleeping. (released the second image with friendship level 1 with her.)
  • 2 new images of Lua stretching.
  • New image of Ana in the pool on Sunday.
  • 3 new Quests.
  • Continuation of the main story. (talking to Thomas on Sundays)
  • Ana’s quest update, now with a conclusion.
  • New lines with Thomas, Ana, Laura, Lua, Thalia and Sara.
  • Fixed several bugs and improvements, some of the fixes:
  • Fixed character appearing in Thalia’s cutscene.
  • Fix for quest “What am I to you”
  • Fix for quest “A Fitness Gardener”
  • Correction of how many hours you sleep, now if you sleep too late, less time will pass, thus not disturbing your work
  • Change in the quest “Who is the boss”
  • Change in quest “02” new tips
  • Some main objects such as quests are now glowing for better signaling.

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