Beautiful Girl Detective El [Final] By Typhoon com

Typhoon com Games released a new game called Beautiful Girl Detective El and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Elle, a detective girl, investigates to find out who murdered her father, but ……. This is a puzzle-solving adventure game in which you advance the story by solving riddles. The player observes and investigates at the scene of the crime, picking up items from research and conversations with people. The player must also reconcile their alibi with the local people. The game is sexually harassing, but players can interrupt the game at any time they like.

The mystery of the case and the obstruction of the investigation by outrageous means are still looming over the inexperienced detective girl. In order to obtain information, …… approaches negotiations, sometimes even using her body. Be raped and humiliated again and again, but use numerous commands to close in on the case. Gameplay: Point n Click made in RPGMaker. Game’s linear, none of the H-Scenes can be missed.

Developer:Typhoon com
File Size:526.4 MB
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