Arenus [v1.0A] By Arvus Games

Arvus Games released a new game called Arenus and the version is 1.0A. The game’s story is about In Arenus you and your gladiator will give your best to reach the top of the Arena. During this you will experience a great story, many sexy scenes and important decisions that allow for a high replayability. We also love sci-fi, haha.

File Size:6.59 GB
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Game Version Changelog:


Here’s a small patch for Arenus. We had planned to release a bit bigger, content patch for Arenus but decided to do so early next month with the steam demo as I would like to take a break from crunch time.

See you folks later this month with a Roundscape Content Patch tho!

Fixed Issues

  • Missing file in the Nova Lounge Bathroom has been fixed
  • Seed generation for inflitrations have been fixed
  • Elona’s Bust during Inflitrations has been fixed
  • We’ve removed the ghoooosts from the Nova Lounge
  • Arena Fights are a bit more challening now to counter the inflitration rewards
  • arget Information for the 3rd and 4th Arena Bosses has been fixed
  • The dialogue during the shower scene referring to Armida has been removed
  • The Toilet scene for male PC’s now works as intended
  • We’ve also added a small new encounter with Elona to the start of the game
  • (We’re aware of some bugs like the health/energy bars looking weird until the first hit and are working on it)

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