Aolta [v1.5] By Hornblase

Hornblase Games released a new game called Aolta and the version is 1.5. The game’s story is about Aolta is a casual RPG where you play as an eponymous alien who lives in a romantically wretched city. Sit back and enjoy the game world… relax at the nightclub, stroll down the streets and meet interesting creatures and discover their stories. You can find a job that suits your abilities or you can skip work and resort to foraging. Meet someone to love, become the lord of the local music industry, retire to another planet, and/or maybe get married.

File Size:236.3 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

2023-03-08 – Updated to version 1.5:

1. Revised front cover
2. Revised Dropkick in the initial stat editor
3. Added Laserball Pinup to the Loading screens
4. the conman and others’ portraits dont appear – ok
5. the hospital release charge doesnt decrement – ok
6. soul bloom vendor: ‘you move along’ has the wrong portrait – ok
7. check the drug addicts lines, there’s one that doesnt work, there maybe more – ok
8. go through the restaurant text and adjust the portraits and revise the hotdog line and some of the others – ok
9. Stephy’s secret part 3: “he confessed how we(replace with he)…” – ok
10. Gin’s secret: make up sex progam – change the portrait -ok
11. Gin: change tv lines to tv scan lines – ok
12. Intro: Welcome to Aolta <- add Dropkick portrait – ok
13. Hanae: After check point 1: the interactedHanae check stops working until the next check point – fixed
14. Hanae loses functionality in a day after second checkpoint – fixed

Developer Notes:

Get the best of both worlds: Aolta features multiple endings and a sand box mode. The game will also get a physical release subsequent to its digital launch of February 14.

  • Discover many activities around the city which includes dancing, loitering, smoking, drinking, getting high and fighting in the pits.
  • Romance up to six main characters and unlock their endings.
  • Befriend dozens of other characters and learn their secrets.
  • Collect spirits for your bottle city!
  • Develop your character by working on your stats which allow you to survive and ultimately get what you want.
  • Features several animated sexual scenarios.
  • Unlock several endings, collections and achievements.
  • Engaging music and atmosphere.

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