Angelic Acceptor Alouette [Feburary Edition] By Large Battleship Studios

Large Battleship Studios Games released a new game called Angelic Acceptor Alouette and the version is Feburary Edition. The game’s story is about Simone Bradley is an ordinary everyday girl charged with the important mission of defending love and justice in the form of the invincible and adorable Angelic Acceptor: Alouette! (VXA) One day our “completely ordinary girl,” Simone happens across a strange raffle in which she wins a seemingly normal magical girl toy that turns her life upside down! But what happens when something turns your upside down life upside down again? Does it turn right-side up, or does it simply start spinning out of control on its own? Find out in this slightly western-flavored Magical Girl story that questions the meanings of love, purity and normalcy.

Developer:Large Battleship Studios
File Size:759.0 MB
Version:Feburary Edition
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Game Version Changelog:

  • How to Final Ending:
  • You will need to collect the entire line of ACC-Series Compacts from the DFRS
  • Stud is easy, and produces theres in all forms of the A-Ending. Such Honorable.
  • Senet only produces her Compact if you attempt the A-Ending with Canasta Recruited, and your Entire Stamp-Club filled out. Very Nefarious.
  • Canasta Only produces hers if EITHER her storyline is not complete when you attempt the A-Ending, or if you select Easy Mode for her fight. You can change your difficulty at any time in the options menu on your status screen. Such Urawaza.
  • Petanque only produces hers in the B-Ending. (You can get back to the B-Route by restarting Episode 10 and Kerplonking Delta in the fight. If you are returning from an ending, you can also go directly to the fight by calling up Lasca on a date to the Dark Forest and proceeding. ((Sequence-breaking is acceptable on second dates)))
  • You can place The ACC-Series Compacts in Aunt Becky’s Bad Angel Basement Dungeon as you get them. When all the collectable ones are collected and placed, the Final Ending will begin.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!December Edition 2022!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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