Angel White Aqua [Final] By Kunounohosi

Kunounohosi Games released a new game called Angel White Aqua and the version is Final. The game’s story is about On an island that is being invaded by an evil organization, the Dark Villain… Aqua, a Rookie Hero, is on duty to protect the island! However, for some reason, men who are after Aqua’s body begin their plan… A simple hero action RPG: Angel White Aqua!​

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Developer Notes:

  • Character
  • ◎Heroine Aqua
  • The heroine of the story
  • She grew up in a facility that studies heroes.
  • A Rookie Hero who is fighting to free the island from the villains.
  • She likes playing pranks, especially on Ryoma, her senior, but she actually likes him.
  • An emotional type of person for better and for worse.
  • ◎Ryoma-sempai
  • Aqua’s senior who provides support for heroes.
  • He’s always a victim of Aqua’s pranks but actually likes it.
  • A relatively calm and cool brother type.

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