Alpha, Omega [v0.3.0] By EzyGames

Ezy Games released a new game called Alpha, Omega and the version is 0.3.0. The game’s story is about You playing the role of a freshman about to enter a new chapter of his life at Stillwell Academy. The academy focuses on teaching students everything related to the world of sports, with a heavy bias toward the world of MMA. -Episode 1, Not goodbye- eases you into the story and introduces you to the people you leave behind and the new ones that enter your life. Your decisions along the way will shape the character you are and who will become your friends, lovers, and perhaps enemies.

-Episode 2, The beginning of the end Gets you further acquainted with the existing characters and introduces you to your MMA classes. You’ll meet your coaches, and your new classmates and start specializing in two of the six available martial arts of your choice and grow your character into a healthy fighter. There will be happy times, maybe sexy times and there will be sad times.

File Size:1.86 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Added an option in preferences to enable/disable skipping of sensitive scenes like sexual assault and self-harm.
  • Added an option in preferences to enable/disable the visibility of the quick menu.
  • Added a gallery with unlockables (Still very work in progress).
  • Added a skippable recap function from EP3 onwards.
  • Added a skippable function for fights, resulting in an automatic win.
  • Added color coding (red and blue) to make it clear how your affinity will change for action based choices (EP3).
  • Added Spanish translation for EP1+EP2 (EP3 to come later). You can enable it in the preferences menu.
  • Fixed: Misc bugs in the fighting system and combo app.
  • Fixed: Misc bugs and grammar errors.
  • Phone: added additional unlockables (contacts, profiles).


  • Fixed the text speed slider. It should now work and will allow you to set your desired text speed in preferences.
  • Fixed the text box opacity. It should now work and will allow you to set your desired opacity in preferences.
  • Phone has been updated and additional unlockables (backgrounds, profiles) have been added.
  • Phone relationships panel now has an additional love counter, if you want something more than friends.
  • Phone personal statistics now show your skill level in your combat abilities.
  • Updated the intro tutorial.
  • Updated episode 01 dialogue and grammar.
  • Quick Menu has been restored.

Developer Notes:

This is my first ever VN. I hope to entertain you with a plethora of fresh new visuals, purposefully crafted and not seen anywhere else. The first release is a complete episode that features no hardcore sexual content.

As a matter of fact, I don’t plan on doing that at all. If you’re looking for that kinda thing, this is probably not it. I would like to keep it tasteful with a good amount of sexual tension on the romance side of things. Not everyone will be sexual deviant and would want to jump on your dick right away. Some characters will be more reserved.

Once again, this is not meant to be a porno game! There are loads of choices to be made in the first episode which will lead to multiple endings by the end of it. I hope it offers a lot replayability value.

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