Age of Dragon [Chp.1 v0.71] By Age of Dragon

Age of Dragon Games released a new game called Age of Dragon and the version is Chp.1 v0.71. The game’s story is about a total war + diablo + the sim + adult game. The game contains the base game and many adult mods (the base game is a normal RTS game; it’s like Skyrim with adult mods). The game needs a decent graphic card to run. You need at least a GTX 1050 and 2GB of VRAM to run the game; otherwise, it will be very slow and crash a lot. A decent computer chip is required too because some scenes of the game have like 200 monsters and legions attacking each other, with a lot of 3D effects.

Developer:Age of Dragon
File Size:3.72 GB
Version:Chp.1 v0.71
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chp.1 v0.71

  • Fix setting crash bug
  • You can choose higher resolution of the game now. (Choose setting in main menu)
  • Fix save and exit crash bug
  • Change main UI of the game
  • Add 3 more adult scenes
  • Adult scenes are higher quality and support audio now

Initial Release

  • Adult scene and video can only access by victory in battle (~70 percent to show up).
  • You must make the right choice too.
  • 1 Woohoo scene can access if your partner love you and reach 180+ relation point.
  • The game has many adult scenes (21+) in video and image.
  • Some adult videos and images in the game are placeholders and will change in the future.

Developer Notes:

Some gameplay tips: Find a castle on the world map to hire a new character (random appear per day). -Before entering the battle you choose the Attack button for RTS mode, another button is 3rd game mode to play the game. The story of the game progresses by killing monsters on the map.

Game Images & Screenshots


(Split – 14gb)

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