After Dark [Demo Pt 1] By BadTech Games

BadTech Games released a new game called After Dark and the version is Demo Pt 1. The game’s story is about is a Furry Visual Novel/RPG hybrid without rKnight. In which you take on the role of Kage Dark (Default player name), a strange a curious being that is neither human nor beast, that is more commonly called a “Half-breed” You will follow Kage’s story through his eyes as he grows and develops, beginning with his first day of University. However there are forces at work that will not allow him to settle into a normal life, and it isn’t long before things start getting out of hand as a result.​

Developer:BadTech Games
File Size:426.6 MB
Version:Demo Pt 1
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Game Version Changelog:

Demo Pt 1
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

About the Creator
G’day! My name is Physic [AKA Badtech Games] I’ve been writing small stories, creating worlds and concept design for characters and games since I was in grade four. I’ve always had a passion for games and the immersive storytelling. I’ve recently started getting used to the tools I need to put my own ideas into a more tangible form and I hope you can enjoy experiencing them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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