Adrianne and Oliver [Final] By Lesson of Passion

Lesson of Passion Games released a new game called Adrianne and Oliver and the version is Final. The game’s story is about The story of Adrianne will be touching and focused on the key decisions in her life. She could blindly chase her dreams about being a model and sacrifice everything she has in order to get it, stay in a safe relationship with her loving husband or let her heart decide what is best for her. Is she able to resist the new temptations that she will find on her way? Is her moral compass solid enough to keep her at a safe distance from the people trying to use her? Can she stay faithful to her husband or is she going to locate her emotions elsewhere? We gonna talk about feelings a lot and MISTRESS RUBY will be responsible for delivering the inspiring texts.​

Developer:Lesson of Passion
File Size:1.25 GB
OS:Windows, Linux
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Initial Release

Developer Notes:

In terms of gameplay, we give you 7 days to achieve your goals. It won’t be a dating sim – you gonna build your relationship with characters through the choices, leading to different events and then the final outcomes. We’ll have 9 endings, 60 breathtaking sex animations (the best we’ve developed so far), and more than 750 static images.

What can you expect? The adorable main character with her head up in the clouds, conflicted with her husband, taking a much more realistic approach to life. She is beautiful and naive, still believing that her Instagram career is going to speed up but… he wants her to find an honest job and start treating her life seriously. Yes, she is a rebel and there are a lot of emotions inside her. Is she going to channel them in the right direction or… get lost in her bad decisions?

And what about the kinks? Well, you may focus all your love on your husband and devote him completely. If you’re dreaming about some romantic lesbian experience – SHANICE from a local gym is there for you. And when you plan something crazy you might lure your husband into an MFF threesome with his eyes covered with a black scarf and let him witness the sexual adventure of his lifetime. Still not enough? What about a romance that started in a rather innocent way – from an internet challenge, where a girl is supposed to welcome a delivery guy wearing sexy clothes in order to tease him a little bit? In ADRIANNE’S case, this situation escalated into something much wilder than she ever anticipated.

For all girls chasing a career – there is MARINA, a popular model who got connections in the fashion industry. She may set a meeting with an influential person who is ready to help and boost your model career in exchange for some favors. And if you’re desperate enough there is still SENKA and BOGDAN who are willing to test how much of her dignity ADRIANNE is ready to sacrifice in order to achieve her goals.

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