ACG Cosplay Simulator [v1.11] By Tensun3d

Tensun3d Games released a new game called ACG Cosplay Simulator and the version is 1.11. The game’s story is about This is a gallery simulator with a wealth of costumes and various sex scenes for viewing. The operation is intuitive and simple, there is no long game puzzle-solving process, the game can be watched immediately, and it is suitable for players who want to see the ending quickly. This work is not yet the final version, and new characters and sex scenes will be added one after another to satisfy the rich imagination of players!​

File Size:2.60 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


4 sets of Hsex NO.54, 69, 77, 78
Beta test: plump calf Fuction

Developer Notes:

  • I’m an R18 3D Artist.
  • I like to make fully dressed Doujin characters.
  • In the past, I used to make 3D animations.
  • Now I’m starting to transform into 3D real-time game development.
  • In the future, there will be many ACG characters appearing one after another.
  • At present, this is not a real game, but a 3D gallery simulator, because my specialty is art,
  • the programming part has only been learned for about 3 months, and my ability is very limited.
  • I will grow slowly and hope to realize more projects to play.
  • Since I am the only one doing research and development, programming, art, Hsex takes a lot of time, the update speed may be slow, if you are optimistic about the development of this small cosplay simulator, hope you can support my Patreon to keep creation, thank you. (っ●ω●)っ

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