Accidental Assignment [v1.0] By Cainito Studio

Cainito Studio Games released a new game called Accidental Assignment and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about an office-centric erotic visual novel, where you (a low-level spy in an elite agency) infiltrate a start-up company on the request of the CEO’s father. Come find out what shenanigans wait for you in this slice-of-life erotica – sprinkled with comedy and mystery.​

Developer:Cainito Studio
File Size:519.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Actually, the script of this update was almost completed before we decided to end the game early so you will feel like the game is progressing normally after playing this update, but as mentioned before, we will end the game in the next update.

I’m really sorry about this but since the writer has decided to quit this industry (at least for now) and go back to his regular job, therefore I don’t think there will be any change from the decision that has been made unless the writer decides to come back at the last minute, as I have not received the script for the ending yet, but you really shouldn’t expect too much from this.

Thank you for your positive reviews as well as your comments on the game. That definitely helps us to improve for the next projects. We hope to continue to receive comments (positive or negative) about the game until it is completed.

Developer Notes:

Meet Gilbert, who is here to kick off our “Character Intro” event for this thread. He is one of the recurring characters in the game, who is kind of like the “care bear” of the office. You probably won’t be seeing too much of him in the initial two updates, but he will have a very memorable role in the game.

Meet Megan – a stoic, ‘no nonsense’ authoritarian whose tough exterior will be hard to crack open. If you wish to pursue her, you better be ready to make some tough calls. (In stark contrast to Caroline) Megan’s route is all about the “older female, younger male” dynamic.

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