A Robin’s Flight [Chapter 2] By Aaron A. Aaronsen

Aaron A. Aaronsen Games released a new game called A Robin’s Flight and the version is Chapter 2. The game’s story is about A young woman’s past has caused her to bring together a group of outlaws and misfits: Fera the bandit, Mara the slavegirl, Ugnor the mage, Whispers the thief and Elamir the mercenary. With sword and shield they rob the caravans leaving for the port cities and with cloak and dagger they plot the downfall of the province’s rulers.

Developer:Aaron A. Aaronsen
File Size:4.37 GB
Version:Chapter 2
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 2 2023-01-10 Corrosive Cucumber

  • quality of life changes
  • bugfixes
  • added upgrade system for mercenaries
  • simplification of combat system

Developer Notes:

Chapter 2 is out now. The next version of chapter 2 will improve the combat system and add specializations for the current classes. New classes (no spoilers 🙂 ) will come with chapter 3.

Game Images & Screenshots


Chapter 1 (2022-01-09)

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