5 Days of Separation After Story [Final] By SORAUE

SORAUE Games released a new game called 5 Days of Separation After Story and the version is Final. The game’s story is about The continuation of the original “5 Days of Separation” What happened after the husband caught her cheating at the hot-springs? Warped desires A husband takes his wife to a hot spring after realizing he has a cuckoldry fetish. He agrees for a man named Endo to get alone with his wife, all so he can watch the proceedings. Just the thought of them being all alone together gives him a stiffy. By the end of the five days, his once apprehensive wife is moaning intensely from their copulation. However, Endo makes a shocking proposition afterward… “How about we have a contest? If I win, Rin divorces you, and becomes mine…”

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