2044 [v0.30] By onionbros

onionbros Games released a new game called 2044 and the version is 0.30. The game’s story is about In the dystopian world of 2044, your journey will take you from a hopeless graduate to a thriving businessman. In this process you will meet, hire and corrupt countless women who will serve you and your plans.

The year is 2044. The world is ruled by MetaCorp, an elitist corporation that seized control during global economic and political turmoil in the 2020s. Its members, consisting of many former CEOs and presidents, are now commonly known as Toppers. Only 1% of the world’s population are members of the top, while the rest live in poverty under the constant surveillance of MetaCorp. In an effort to avoid civil war, MetaCorp offers a universal basic income to all people that barely covers the cost of living. Most people are unemployed and live their life digitally, as the real world offers them no real opportunities to grow. One of the only known ways to join the toppers is the GAT, a General Assessment Test, that every young adult must take at the age of 20.

File Size:1.16 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Old saves will not work in a newer release!


  • Added “Continue” Option when starting the game. This will let you start directly from the new content on a new save. You still cannot use old saves in the new version. I don’t think this will ever work, but this is the closest alternative to it.
  • Added a more fun way to wait at home once the laptop is unlocked.
  • Balancing: All minigames have been made significantly more easy. The drug dealing game now pays twice as much as before. Some other events now also need less money.
  • Additional laptop features, including more photos and the spy-cam feature.
  • 10 new events for Mandy’s story
  • 4 new outfits for Mandy
  • 1 new location
  • 3 new videos to post
  • new items and clothes
  • various small improvements (user interface, bugs, etc.)
  • Added a help screen in the phone, that explains some basics of the game

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