XXXMutants [v0.6B] By DenriMutant

DenriMutant Games released a new game called XXXMutants and the version is 0.6B. The game’s story is about This is a very simplified version of the game I am developing, in a more direct aproach: minus dialog x more action.

Developer: DenriMutant
File Size:124.4 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • New action: Dates (all the girls gained a new costume and three new images)
  • New boss battle: Omega Red
  • Reformuled talk interaction (still no heavy text, but the cards are gone)
  • Bug fixes


  • New girl: Rogue (9 costumes and 5 images)
  • New event specific girl: Rahne/ Wolfsbane (6 costumes – 3 wolf/ 3 rahne and 3 images)
  • New boss battle: Blob
  • New game mode: Boss Fights – no rule 34 here, just training for the fights (don’t know if anyone will like that haha)
  • Now you can play arcade mode with the human girls
  • 1 new place with mini game: Sports Facilities
  • Tweaks to many of the girls, clothes and boss scenários
  • Bug fixes


  • New girls: Taryn and Risty (9 costumes and 5 images each – only playable in casual mode in this version)
  • One new image (sex position) to each of other girls
  • 3 new places in casual mode (to encounter with the humam girls)
  • Added boss battle x Avalanche in Arcade Mode (started in day 4)
  • Tweaks in the gallery (now the images and clothes need to be unlocked in game)
  • Rebalanced sex game levels and points to unlock clothes and actions
  • Bug fixes


  • New girls: Tabitha and Amara (9 costumes and 4 images each)
  • New game mode: casual. No days limit and no minigames
  • Included save/load game function
  • Bug fixes

Developer Notes:

Hi! I am Denri and started to develop a free game based in a famous school of mutants. The goal is to gave regular updates in a more simple version of the game until i have the final product, this way you going to have what to play and see the arts created until now.

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