Xissai [v1.01] By Aedian Glair

Aedian Glair Games released a new game called Xissai and the version is 1.01. The game’s story is about Two young orphans, Seles and Sekhavel, who discover that they are Xissai, magical half-snake entities blessed by Xisseth himself and soon to become initiates in his temple. Abandoning their old lives, they know that they are throwing themselves into uncharted waters – but nothing could have prepared the two brothers for the reality that awaits them.​

Developer:Aedian Glair
File Size:205.2 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fast patching for graphics enabled
  • UI color changes, new UI elements and background
  • Text alignment and small fixes

Developer Notes:

Planned game features:

  • 70k – 100k words long story
  • Multiple, very juicy NSFW adult scenes with colorful art (all uncensored!)
  • 3 unique endings that offer completely different resolutions to the story
  • Beautiful CGs and BGs that will pull you right in!

Content warning: explicit and possibly triggering adult scenes, fake religious themes in fantasy setting used in an erotic manner, orgasm denial and overstimulation, age difference, power play, half-snake characters, incest, exhibitionsim, threesome, slavery, trap, dubcon, transformation and unrealistic depictions of sex and sexuality

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