Vengeance At Lust [v0.12] By ScattyPineapple

ScattyPineapple Games released a new game called Vengeance At Lust and the version is 0.12. The game’s story is about Meet Tyler, our young and cunning protagonist who is determined to solve the case of his missing parents and bring the culprit(s) to justice. What choices will he make on the way? How do these choices affect his everyday life? Who will he choose to be along on this daring journey? Step into the role of Tyler and make these choices yourself.​

File Size:1.62 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added Day 2
  • Added 3000+ lines of code
  • 300+ new images
  • 1 mini H-scene
  • GUI improvements
  • Fixed typos from previous version

Developer Notes:

ScattyPineapple here, long time-player and brand-new game developer!

After endless overthinking, I decided to invest the time and create my own game. I’d like to believe that being a player for many many years has shown me what the community members are looking for (good artwork, story-line, updates, etc.) and what they despise (milking). So, I present to you my first project called ‘Vengeance At Lust’, an 18+ visual novel that prioritizes the story. Being story-based however, doesn’t mean that it will lack kinky content. I will be making sure that our adventure will include lots and lots of interesting scenarios. 🙂

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