Threads of Reality [v0.0.2] By LunAttic Games

LunAttic Games released a new game called Threads of Reality and the version is 0.0.2. The game’s story is about In a universe where most aren’t even aware that parallel realities exist the mc is abruptly told to go back home after 20 years of living abroad. Back in his hometown, he will discover that things have changed and that the world isn’t exactly how he is supposed to be.

I’ve put a lot of time in creating the game lore (including a bunch of references) so I hope this will also be something interesting to see how people react to. Though in the game, for now, there is a single town with a couple of locations the game universe has several nations with their cultures, geography, historic events, and religions that will be introduced as content is added to the game.​

Developer:LunAttic Games
File Size:804.27 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

  • v0.0.2 — Feb 24
    • Bugfixes
      • Fix bug blocking players to leave Best Bites.
        • Those stores simply don’t want people to get out of them.
      • Fix a bug in contact page images.
      • Fix a bug that wouldn’t let players read books by the pool.
        • Tough life.
      • Abby will give the player a grace period before complaining about his vitals
    • Balance
      • Reduce vitals drain per unit of time
      • Reduce the cost of fatigue reduction
        • Note: This makes it easier to get out of the “fatigue zone” and should reduce vitals micro-management overall
    • Content
      • Events
        • New Event in Holding/Office with Gillian
          • Note: You are feeling tired and Gillian wants to help you.
        • New Event in Estate/Bedroom with Abby
          • Note: She will warn the player about low stats.
        • New Event Outside the Art & History Hall
          • Note: This is the start of the first chain of events in the game. After getting this a couple times it will have a different development.
      • Quests
        • New Quest continuing main quest-line. Perhaps you should visit your office at home.
          • Note: This quest is a requirement to several new quest lines that will be added (soon™) .
      • Locations
        • Add new store to Cocoa Dreams
          • Note: For now just a single item for flavour. On a later version this item will be used to bump player vitals; give more energy or mood.
    • Database
      • Start migrating images to webp
    • System
      • Apps
        • Complete rework of sex scenes improving rewards
        • Add the background of the current location to sex scenes
          • Note: Yes, you can have sex anywhere. But you might get caught … Not in this version, though. It is your chance to shine.
      • Game
        • Group all balance options in a single place
        • Improved rendering performance
      • Engine
        • Split engine/game code
        • Rework how images are handled
        • Many improvements to quests and events preparing for the quest log
      • UI
        • Add Street Maps to all streets/avenues
        • Add locations shortcuts to your phone
        • Add Umove, the app to travel around New Haven
          • Note: This enable travel to streets but only to streets. This will mitigate the problem of skipping over events since to go inside buildings you will have to go through those areas. A cost (and possibly a short cooldown) will be added in later versions.
        • Add contacts page details section with girls skills and stats
        • Add a status bar to the footer
        • Add notification when triggering an event for the first time
        • Move player phone to a new more visible area
        • Update locations menu to have more places to travel to and new visual menu
          • Tweak Estate and Holding to have a more linear navigation
          • Replace locations text links with thumbnails
          • Add girl’s portraits on location’s thumbnails
          • Add quest indicator to locations that have quests available
        • Update actions to display just a short animation
        • Update passages to allow wider content
    • Others
      • Add (some) passages and events to automated testing
        • Note: I will keep expanding this to make sure we have better-quality releases
      • Extend automated testing to quests
        • Note: Main quest line is now fully covered.
      • Threads of Reality now uses a modified version of Tweego to allow better management of the game’s data

Developer Notes:

Gameplay The idea is to eventually create an open-ended game with elements from several different kinds of games like rpg style skill progressing, short linear stories, send helpers on missions, tycoon business/property management.

This is just the first step of an ambitious project that, hopefully, will bloom in several interesting stories. The current version has an initial quest line, a short secondary one and around 10 random events. Your feedback is very welcome.

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