The Guardians Return [Demo] By Scarlet Nightfall

Scarlet Nightfall Games released a new game called The Guardians Return and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about The guardian’s return and follows the journey of a man named Neo. Neo is or should I say the Guardian of the realms, who gained the title of Emporer throughout the centuries. Yes centuries, Neo is a being known as a Celestial. Celestials were created by Gods to serve and protect….or something. Neo isn’t the only one though, in fact, he is the second..of two. While he guards she foresees. Overlooking the realms and helping we believe it or not oddly innocent protagonists. She goes by the name Luna. But what happens when Luna decides she should take care of a problem she foreshore on her own? Well, let’s just say things change and not for the better. Join Neo as he makes his way into the realms he’s never witnessed in order to set things straight. Who knows he may even have some fun. In more ways than one.​

Developer:Scarlet Nightfall
File Size:317.3 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Initial Release

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About Me
Solo rpgmv game dev and digitalartist. I love anime, hentai, games, Hentai games and stuff. The game i’m Currently working on is ” The Guardian Emporer”. Updates will come as quickly as i can get them out.

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