Tales of Legendary Lust: Aphrodisia [Build 2-B] By CrimsonDelightGames

CrimsonDelightGames released a new game called Tales of Legendary Lust: Aphrodisia and the version is Build 2-B. The game’s story is about ToLLA is a fully-illustrated erotic fantasy RPG where you play as Captain Hale, a career soldier, and infamous ladies’ man, as he makes his way through a fantasy world full of horny babes (noblewomen, female soldiers, peasant girls, slutty bandits) and even hornier monsters! Take up the sword against a mysterious Red Queen and her savage hordes, as you struggle to balance your duty against a tide of debauchery consuming the continent in the wake of her invasion…​

File Size:329.5 MB
Version:Build 2-B
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Game Version Changelog:

Build#2-B release. For changes see the in-game Patch Notes!

Developer Notes:

We’re incredibly thankful to anyone who supports us, whether through Patreon pledges or PayPal donations, and we get that many of you are short on cash because you’re students, or in between jobs, or hell you might even be unemployed (the past year has been especially shitty for everyone with the virus/lockdowns worldwide). So even if you can’t afford to toss a few bucks our way, you can still do us a huge favor by letting people know about our game! If you had fun playing ToLLA and you think it has potential, please tell others about us and our project!

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