Severed Realms [v0.0.7] By Severed Realms

Severed Realms Games released a new game called Severed Realms and the version is 0.0.7. The game’s story is about a Knight of the realm and your job as protector of all those within it. At the start, the king of your realm has been letting another king ravage the very lands and people you are trying to protect.

It is now time to stop this madness and stop the abusive king. In doing so you will set off a chain of events that will forever change your life and that of those around you. Magic, myths, and legends come together to bring you Severed Realms and the people you will meet and learn to love or hate along the way. So be prepared to laugh, cry, get emotional and most of all enjoy my story and share it with your friends.

Developer:Severed Realms
File Size:1.02 GB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

  • Lily’s 1st H scene I know some of you have been waiting for the sultry redhead to have her time with the Mc and you shall not have to wait any longer. Lily mentions someone’s coming in the next few days. Wonder who it is well other than Lily of course. Evie had a surprise waiting for her….. and guess who was behind it… Lily spends a little time with the girls in the morning but they are not alone. Someone comes to visit… Is it a good thing or bad??? Let’s welcome Rose to the game. ( A little bird almost gets caught already.) Sorry for a long time to get something out. I have been in and out of the hospital multiple times over the last year. I have been to at least 7 different doctors for various different tests and issues. Everything from MRIs, cat scans, ultrasounds, and more. I have an entire list of crap wrong with me that I won’t get into here.

Developer Notes:

Mac version is Untested.

This game does not and will not contain NTR do not even ask for it. I will never throw my viewers under the bus with “Unplanned” content. I plan on being as upfront and transparent with my viewers as possible

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