Secret of the Island [v0.02.07.01] By Chaste Degenerate

Chaste Degenerate Games released a new game called Secret of the Island and the version is The game’s story is about In this parody of Gilligan’s Island, the discovery of a secret completely alters the story you may be familiar with. You play Gilligan and finding out the secret results in you gaining the ability of heightened persuasion. You can finally answer the age-old question, “Mary Ann or Ginger”… or maybe both? If Gilligan doesn’t faint.​

Developer:Chaste Degenerate
File Size:293.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Season One Part 2 (V0.02.07.01) – 2023 January 5

Corrected spelling errors

Developer Notes:

2023 January 7

This update is a small one. Due to a series of disasters (of my own making,) and burnout I was limited in time. I also had to get my head on straight again.

Due to me taking on 2 jobs, my time is limited, but I am getting back on track, and finally beginning to adjust. It might slow down, or shrink my future updates, but they should be bigger than this one.

2021 October 29

**Mac Version is untested. I do not own a Mac, and don’t know anyone who has one that would allow me to test it. (I plan on buying an old used one at some future date.)

This is my second project. It took 15 months to get to the introduction. (Pilot Episode.) Most of that time was trying to get the characters to look right… Then realizing that almost everything on the island is handmade. (A couple life changing events didn’t help.)

This project has been quite the learning experience. I have goals on the updates, including the number of updates. I am keeping that private simply because I don’t want to over-promise anything. How many updates will depend on how well received this is.

I have plans for a third project after this one, but other than writing pieces here and there, I am not developing it. I am mostly focused on the current project.

One final note, I will be finishing this project. Unless I meet an untimely death, or end up in a vegetative state drooling in some hospital due to one too many Daz crashes. Either way I’m sure someone will make a visual novel out of it.

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