Remains Rebirth [Final] By Yumenamakonn

Yumenamakonn Games released a new game called Remains Rebirth and the version is Final. The game’s story is about There was a purple light in the sky, and then the world changed… Time has stopped, space is distorted, most people have disappeared, and monsters run rampant. Only a select few remain in this new, strange world… In a certain castle where a group of the few survivors have taken shelter, a hero has appeared. He doesn’t know anything, not his name nor where he comes from, but he and his new companions will set forth on a journey to restore the world. And maybe get naughty along the way…​

File Size:1.14 GB
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Developer Notes:

I added a small FAQ which includes a link to an online guide. I took some liberties when translating the names of some enemies, because they were too long. For example, a better translation of “The Wings of Rage” is “The Wings of Retribution, Ruler of the Blue Sky”. No cheat weapons this time. I edited exp, gold, and item drop rates to make the game less grindy, and also made most gear and some skills stronger.

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