Reload My Empty Heart [v0.2] By InjectLifeOnline

InjectLifeOnline Games released a new game called Reload My Empty Heart and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about When you were 5 years old, evil people broke into your home and killed your family! You managed to escape from a window and run to your aunt’s place. From that day, you feel totally empty inside. No passion for living, with no friends or girlfriend. You only want to protect your aunt and exact retribution on those who killed your family. To do that, you choose to become a secret agent. Maybe then, you will find the killers and take the revenge you always wanted. Right??? Wrong! Your destiny has some other plans for you…!​

File Size:602.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Total Renders: 600+
  • Total Music: 27
  • Total Animation: 4
  • Total SFX: 34

Developer Notes:

I’m not a native English speaker so probably you will find some mistakes in this project. (The game has been proofread!)

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