Project -Redacted [v0.3b] By Ron Chon

Ron Chon Games released a new game called Project -Redacted and the version is 0.3b. The game’s story is about You a mutant who has recently discovered he has the power to nullify other mutants’ powers. You have been taken in by Charles Xavier, who runs a school for mutants with the goal of protecting them and helping them learn to control their powers.

Upon arriving at the school, you meet a host of characters fulfilling different roles at the school (eg. students, teachers, staff), including Rogue, Emma Frost, and Jean Grey. Your powers make you an interesting subject to many of these characters. For example, Rogue’s powers have meant that she has gone many years without being able to physically touch another living being.

Your ability to nullify this power means she is able to touch you – hold your hand, kiss you, etc. You quickly learn that all of these characters are… single. Some are interested in you from the start; others think you are beneath them.

Through various interactions, scenes, and events, you can change how the characters view and respond to you, potentially culminating in relationships that include full depictions of sex. As you explore the school and your growing powers, global events will transpire that test the strength and nature of your budding relationships.

Developer:Ron Chon
File Size:205.31 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Development Team:

This is obviously a much, much bigger project than we initially started out on. As such, we are expanding. Specifically, we have taken on several paid positions for writers, artists, and programmers. We are confident that this is the best way to reach our goals in a timely fashion. We will no longer use art developed outside of our team.

Therefore, in addition to the artists, many of you will be familiar with from the server, we have taken on three new artists who will be working on character and outfit design. They will help us meet our goal of featuring > 10 romanceable characters pulled from different parts of the franchise, each with multiple poses as well as variant characters.

Our git will continue to be public for anyone wishing to follow the development process, but it has a new home:

Developer Notes:

“It’s no longer a mod of Rogue-Like, but its own project”


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