Project ERP [v0.21.0 Patreon] By LizardSFM

LizardSFM Games released a new game called Project ERP and the version is 0.21.0 Patreon. The game’s story is about Hi I’m LizardSFM and this is my multiplayer game created for interactive roleplay. You pick your role, either dominant or submissive and press Search and you will match with another player. You can play different animations depending on your role, and it has global and ingame chat, different kinks, Pov angles and poses. It has a starting tutorial, and also bot mode where you can test the animations and the game’s functionality.​

File Size:184.1 MB
Version:0.21.0 Patreon
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.21.0 Patreon

  • New foot fetish option • 2 new animations​
  • You can now select any POV on any role​
  • Chat font, window resize options​
  • A button for disabling all kinks in profile menu.​

v0.18.6 Release

  • Facial and watersports animations
  • Sound notifications (chat, animations, lobby found)
  • Server perfomance is improved
  • Profile ui changed to fit new tabs
  • Fetish selection tab (currently unlocks water animation, if both players enable it)
  • Profile info tab (visible for partners in game)
  • Global and chat text size options in Preferences menu
  • Settings button in game
  • More random names
  • Player’s platform display (windows, android, etc)
  • Is partner currently typing display in game
  • Tutorial update
  • The bot slightly changed
  • Autosearch on failed lobby start
  • A few random tips added to Looking screen
  • Currently Online players tab now displays Looking and Playing as well.
  • Patch notes added in the main menu, q/a updated.

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