Press Forward [Demo] By Racc Den

Racc Den Games released a new game called Press Forward and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about follows the Story of a young man in his first years of college. After a traumatic breakup, he spent far too long depressed and a complete shut-in, distancing himself from people. But enough is enough he says to himself, as he embarks on a journey to learn more about himself and others, Find his soul mate, or make the Harem of your dreams, whatever you choose, remember that Your choices have consequences.​

Developer:Racc Den
File Size:541.6 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

– Initial release

Developer Notes:

We are the Racc Den Studio (two people). We are developing our first game together, and are very passionate about it. There are 15 Datable Characters planned for the game. On Patreon you can help support us and choose which of those 15 gets Developed first. We want the game to be very replayable and with lots of different routes and paths to go, including a darker plot that lurks behind the cheery atmosphere. Hopefully, you will enjoy our game.

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