PocketDateBoy Collection [1-7] By OONYX Games

OONYX Games released a new game called PocketDateBoy Collection and the version is 1-7. The game’s story is about This is a collection of games from OONYX Games’ PocketDateBoy series.​

Developer:OONYX Games
File Size:2.16 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

(2023-03-27) Start of Collection, PDB 1-7


  • 1 – Personal Trainer Ethan
    • Meet Ethan, your new personal trainer.
      Ethan is the typical personal trainer, meaning he’s nice to look at. He even knows he’s hot but he’s still kind of unapproachable.
      Once he’s gotten to know you though, he quickly warms up to you. Of course, being the gym god that he is, he has no problem showing off his body and if you play it well, he might even invite you to do some body worship. So the question is… Are you up for the challenge? Can you reach third base with Ethan?​
  • 2 – Bad Teacher Brian
    • It’s that time of the month again!
      You and your colleagues from the local college have your monthly night out at a local cafe. And you’ve decided that this time, you will reach your goal. Your goal of finally seducing Brian! You’ve known him for a while now and have been interested in him ever since the first meeting month’s ago. Brian, on the other hand, has been quite enjoying showing off his body whenever he can and however he can! Often seen stripping out of his clothes, mouthing off in his foul-mannered speech, complaining about the goddamn heat, incompetent concierges, and stupid punks that don’t know shit. So the question is…Will this be your lucky night? Can you reach third base?​
  • 3 – Martial Arts Fighter Ryuu
    • Arriving at the local dojo for your weekly martial arts training with Master Endou, you find his heir Ryuu waiting for you and not master Endou.
      Apparently, Master Endou suddenly went on a trip and left your training in Ryuu’s hands.
      Ryuu’s obviously not happy with that as he for some reason never was able to stand the sight of you. With now having to take charge of the dojo, he’s really irritated about also being forced to spend time with you. Will you be able to prove to him that there’s more to you than he thinks?​
  • 4 – Bartender David
    • Today’s your first day at your new job as a bartender at Xynoo Lounge, the town’s hottest gay cocktail bar. Today is also the first day that you meet your colleague bartender David. David will be your bar buddy meaning that you’ll have to work with him for the unforeseeable future.
      Will you guys hit it off? Starting a friendship or maybe something more? David is quite an easygoing person. He’s almost never moody, likes to show off, and especially loves the thrill of flirting. After his previous bar buddy, who he calls a “stuck-up queen” quit working at Xynoo Lounge, he’s quite doubtful about this new bar buddy he’s getting. Can you prove to him that you are not the stuck-up queen he thinks you are?​
  • 5 – Military Guard Aiden + Expansion Scene
    • Completely lost in the middle of nowhere, your car breaks down and forces you to continue on foot. But then.. A little piece of civilization appears on the horizon.
      Apparently, you’ve stumbled upon an old military base. And now it’s up to you to convince military guard Aiden to let you have a little rest before you have to carry on. Or will you be able to get some more help from him?​
  • 6 – Tool Boy Kelvin
    • Your boss asked you to guide and mentor a new employee on his first few days. And so enters Kelvin, your new student. Kelvin, fresh out of school, is still young and quite eager to learn. Will you show him the ropes?​
  • 7 – Ethan’s New Client
    • One of our most popular characters, Personal Trainer Ethan, is making his hugely anticipated return to the PocketDate Boy series. One and a half years after the release of Edition 1, we now finally continue the story of Ethan, the personal trainer that has no problem showing off his own body (to motivate you of course). And then when your blood starts boiling, yells at you to work harder on the equipment. In this premium edition, you’ll have to go through Ethan’s exhausting workout sessions before he’ll let you head for the showers or enjoy some relaxing time in the sauna. Think you’re up for it?

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