Odd Inn Onsen [v0.5.0] By Loweki Games

Loweki Games released a new game called Odd Inn Onsen and the version is 0.5.0. The game’s story is about Odd Inn Onsen an Adult Visual Novel with dating sim and training aspects in a free-roam environment.​

Developer:Loweki Games
File Size:1.59 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added story scenes for Ami/Tori/Lysia
    • 8 New Animations
  • Added new cosplay scenes for Ami/Tori
    • 2 New Animations
    • 18 PC images
  • Added New Environments
    • Starlocke Tech Lab
      • Four areas
    • Virtual Game
      • Two areas
    • Cave
    • Spa Room
  • Added interactable side characters
  • Added Massage minigame
    • Easy/Hard Mode
    • 6 New Animation Loops
  • Fixed bugs
    • Gallery can now replay scenes
    • Sleeping with Ami/Tori will allow you to collect from vending machine the next day
    • Some random stuff I found

Developer Notes:

Currently the game is in its very early stages of development and many things are subject to change (especially writing) as it progresses. As of right now, there is/are:

  • A prologue
  • 8 different places
  • Conversations depending on time/day (some are random)
  • Interactions to build stats
  • 1 animated explicit scene (Yes, it’s the one in the screenshot)

As of right now, the game is in a position that showcases how I want the general game to look and feel. Which is why I’m now looking for official alpha-testers to give feedback and to answer questions that I may have or vice versa. If you do want to become a tester or if you want to see progress updates, please join the Discord!

Of course, since I’m putting the game out in its current state, you are free to enjoy what it has to offer, just be aware of bugs and errors that may occur as it’s still in its testing phase.
If nothing happens when you press something, then that’s exactly what happened–nothing.

Game Images & Screenshots


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