New Life at University [Demo 4] By Astar443

Astar443 Games released a new game called New Life at University and the version is Demo 4. The game’s story is about you. begin your new life at University. Shocker. This isn’t just any University though… It’s a whole lot more fun if you’re into that type of thing.​

File Size:486.4 MB
Version:Demo 4
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

-First Release

Developer Notes:

This game is an 18+ Fetish based game, currently in an early demo stage including Femdom elements as well as having a theme based around Feminism and Social Justice. Do not take it too seriously of course, it is just a fun setting for advancing the scenes.

Later it will include many other themes as well with the option to choose what path’s you interact with, though mostly based around Femdom and Submissive/Beta Male themes. The main character is male but likely all or almost all other characters will be female. You can see what type of stuff I like and might add into the game at my DeviantArt page same username as here.

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