Mystical Island Reboot [v0.5 Reboot] By Zekoslava Games

Zekoslava Games released a new game called Mystical Island Reboot and the version is 0.5 Reboot. The game’s story is about After the sinking of the yacht the main character finds herself on the shores of a mystical Island with no memory of what happened. Trying to survive and find a way to call for help, the main character encounters a bound mysterious woman and brings her to his shelter. The main character reveals that she is on a forbidden island and together with that woman whom she named Sunday, the two of them go on a Mystical Island adventure together and discover his secrets.​

Developer:Zekoslava Games
File Size:797.5 MB
Version:0.5 Reboot
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.5 Reboot

  • Add 8 New Quest.
  • Add 87 New Renders.
  • Add 1 Bad End.
  • Add 3 Video.
  • Add Sunday’s warrior outfit.
  • Add 8 New Locations
  • Add 3 New enemies
  • Add End game

Developer Notes:

Mystical Island is a reboot of an old game with lots of new stuff, improved pictures and a new story.

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