Lust Gate – Episode 1: “Sophie” [v1.0] By Studio Rebis

Studio Rebis Games released a new game called Lust Gate – Episode 1: “Sophie” and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about the First day of college – Meet the student adviser, fool around, and uncover the secret behind your reality~​

Developer:Studio Rebis
File Size:118 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

v1.0 Release

Developer Notes:

As a bit of a backstory, we are a couple of game developers that grew tired with our day to day tasks and saw potential in this market of web based NSFW games. We played those a lot when flash was still around (remember flash?) but since it’s death we have rarely seen the things we liked, so we had to give it a try ourselves! 😀

We will be regularly releasing short episodic games that follow overall the same structure of older flash porn games like the classic Meet n’ Fuck series. So far we have Episode1: Sophie as our test-bed release and we went through a couple of iterations to get here but we are happy with the results, and hope you will be as well.

There are definitely still some issues, mostly because the Unity WebGL exporter is not yet up to standards (still waiting on a proper release of Project Tiny) Mobile releases will soon follow suit if you guys see enough potential in the series! Mobile/PC releases were already planned but we still wanted the first experience to be the classic flash-like one.

Since you read until this far, we’ll give you a couple of general cheats for the game 😎 P – automatically solve the puzzle, honestly mesmerizing to look at C – increase the cum meter in case you come back to the juicy part of the game and want to skip the waiting

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