Lucy’s Game [v0.32] By Fantastika

Fantastika Games released a new game called Lucy’s Game and the version is 0.32. The game’s story is about Lucy playing a game of erotic seduction with her friends. Did she go too far this time? It’s an erotic visual novel with real-world character development and dialogue. All are spiced with 2D western-style art.​

File Size:57.2 MB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Chapter 2 is now free for everyone
  • Added extended scenes and dialogue in chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 is published exclusively for patrons
  • Added minor improvements in the app

Developer Notes:

Lucy’s Game is in active development. Eleven chapters are planned so far. Lucy’s Game is part of Fantastika’s catalog. It’s created and developed internally. The goal is to create Netflix for erotic games! Patreon subscribers can enjoy fully unlocked content in the same app.

Lucy’s game is a story of relationships, trust, and pushing boundaries. It builds on character development before jumping into inevitable erotic scenes. Here are some currents screenshots from chapters 1 and 2. Later chapters are only going to get spicier ️.

Game Images & Screenshots


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