Love X Lust [v0.5.0b] By F18 Studios

F18 Studios Games released a new game called Love X Lust and the version is 0.5.0b. The game’s story is about What I wanted in a game you can go out into the world, chat, and have some fun with intelligent characters. Full physics touch mechanics, a smart NPC chat system, and advanced play mechanics are a few main mechanics I wanted in this project. I also envision having randomly generated NPC. I can successfully say I hit the mechanics I wanted to see in this game. This game is still in pre-alpha so there are still some issues in the game and also is in need of more content.

Developer:F18 Studios
File Size:2.41 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

0.5.0 beta

  • Added new sex animation.
  • Eye and Look at movement with NPC.
  • Added expression for NPC.
  • NPC have a emotion system now.
  • two new characters added.
  • Lenn (Step Mom).
  • Kate (Step Sister).
  • New Vehicle added.
  • Box Car.
  • New Pick Up were added.
  • Clothes with three tiers.
  • Credits (In-Game Currency).
  • Gifts.
  • New Outfits for characters and NPC.
  • Swimsuit for females.
  • Beach outfit for males.
  • New hairstyles were added.
  • Changes to UI and UI were updated.
  • Added a flash light.
  • Night and Day system in all scenes.
  • Night and Day system carry over scenes.
  • Date and weekday is displayed on UI.
  • New Camera System during intercourse.
  • UI for intercourse mode.
  • Gift system was added.
  • Set Character were updated.
  • Adrena.
  • Eva.
  • New water system added.
  • New zones were added to main level.
  • Models shaders or materials have improved.
  • NPC spawns at new locations.
  • New Arcade Level.
  • NPC now are spawn with random eye color.
  • Skip button and POV or changing camera button has been added.

Fixed :

  • Player being rocketed out of the map.
  • Issues with camera system when entering a new level.
  • Issues with sky and enviroment.
  • Interaction with NPC and objects have improved.
  • Fixed issue with spawning.
  • Improve traffic and spawning traffic.
  • Car impeding traffic or car that are idle and not moving are now destroyed.
  • Waypoints for NPC have been rearranged.
  • Fixed inputs interfereing with Intercourse and NPC Interactions.
  • Fixed model weight Issues.
  • Fixed issues with shape blends.
  • Fix and improve camera system.
  • Some improvement in performance.
  • Fixed issues with sound not playing in certain scenes.
  • Fixed issue with sound not playing during intercourse.
  • Vehicle clean up system had been added.
  • Lock On has been disabled.
  • Fixed errors.
  • Improve issue when returning back to the main menu.

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