Living Together! [v0.38] By Advent Games

Advent Games released a new game called Living Together! and the version is 0.38. The game’s story is about Meet your love interest (nameable). She’s referred to you all her life as Oniichan (relationship changeable). Affectionately, you also call her your little Sister (also changeable)! You cohabitate in a small studio apartment. You’ll have to get along in this small area where you’ll spend a lot of time together. Through interacting with her, you build up a relationship that’s based on trust, friendship . . . and more! Talk to her and find out her favourite topics, play video games, and take her with you on day trips. Through your actions, she can come to trust you more, and, of course, you can also build her sexual attraction toward you. But be warned! You can also lose her trust in you. Living Together! is a laid-back game intended to be played with one hand. Please enjoy this simple Oniichan game.​

File Size:1.76 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.38 Subscriber Special

  • Added 100 Subscriber Special (Find in the new Smartphone Camera App)
  • Added Camera App to Smartphone with Replay (working) and Gallery (work in progress)
  • Moved Rentacar to the BRAVE New World browser
  • added Rollback and Skip to all VN elements (Pool, Picnic and Subscriber Special)
  • Weekend Activities now skip to a shortened Narration instead of the full story if you already did them once. You can always watch them back through the Camera app.
  • Narration Skip now also works on Weekend actions narrations.
  • Close phone button (square) active area increased to 256px.
  • Checkings will no longer automatically be moved to Savings on Saturday for Daytraders.
  • Added a Grocery Store trip to Weekend Activities (no fee)
  • Added an additional sound effect when clicking the Sound Effect Test button
  • Fixed KeyError: 53 (or some other number) in Line 1009 of evening_behavior.rpy
  • Lowered cost for Weekend Activities with Imouto (Shopping, Pool, Picnic)
  • Fixed days repeating when going to bed between 0:00 and 0:59
  • Improved mathematics behind HODL stock mutations. I am now 80% confident it is correct.

Developer Notes:

Key Features

  • Believably beautiful Imouto, rendered in high-poly 3D. She could be real.
  • Fully simulated Imouto, with more than 50 variable psychological metrics like interests, mood, lust, sexual interest, and more. She IS real.
  • According to my estimates, Imouto can adopt more than 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s 30 with 49 zeroes) possible personas. These personas are seeded so they remain believable.
  • Build Trust and Attraction through a deep dialogue system and actions; lose her trust and sexual interest in you by messing things up.
  • Spend leisurely days with your little sister, talking, flirting, bathing and potentially having sex with her (future update) — if she trusts you enough and is attracted to you.
  • Get closer together, really…close…together.
  • Be a creep and spy on her as she bathes or uses the toilet. Be careful; you might get caught!
  • Beautiful “1K Apato” Apartment with day-night cycle.
  • Energy, time, money, household management, and other systems were added and planned!
  • ♥ ♥ ♥
    Game Mechanics (Implemented)
    One-handed gaming ;)

    Build Trust

    Trust is the most critical aspect of this game. If she trusts you, she will be open to going further. Fail, and she might even decide to call Mom! Most of everything you do when you interact with her is also (co-)dependent on her trust in you. Even if she finds you highly sexually attractive, without trust, she will never dare to confess her feelings to you. The best way to build trust is to talk to her, do fun activities with her, and refrain from doing things she dislikes.
  • Build Attraction
    She will only see you as a big brother or friend without attraction. With enough attraction to you, you may initiate sexual activities, and she won’t reject you. Without lust for you, anything of a sexual nature will lead to a swift dismissal…and her losing her trust in you! Low trust, high attraction, and you’re just a masturbatory fantasy for her. High trust, low lust, and you’re friend-zoned. There is a middle ground you have to find. Building her desire for you can be done through flirting, talking about lewd topics and later by engaging in sexual activity that she finds pleasant.
  • Interest Matrix
    She is modelled with a realistic, comprehensive psychological matrix that is randomised using a seed. This means her exact psychology and interests will differ from playthrough to playthrough! Seeded means it is neither completely random nor set in stone. Each of her over half a googol (10^100) of persona types is believable.
  • By interacting with her, you can discover her interests and even broaden or deepen her interests.
  • Discussion Topics
    You can build trust by finding discussion topics that strike a chord with her, e.g., that are interesting to her. The higher the interest, the more trust you can build with her. You always get 1 Shared Interest that you can choose at the start of a game. You can find out other high-interest topics she likes by discussing with her regularly and on various topics. You get to discuss each topic once a day.
  • Story Events
    You unlock Story Events, usually day or weekend trips, by building trust or attraction. These events can increase her trust, lust or mood for the better or the worse. By bonding with her during these events, you can increase her trust in you or desire for you.
  • Lewd Topics
    Sexual interest and attraction can be built by discussing lewd topics. She will naturally be interested in these topics as she’s of that age. But, being completely inexperienced, she will take time warming up to discuss these topics openly with Oniichan. Her having high trust in you is paramount, especially when you take those first careful steps.
  • Mood
    Like everyone, Sister has emotions expressed in a general mood. This can be bad, normal, good, happy, embarrassed, etc. Unlike most modern women persons, Sister is well-adjusted, and generally, her mood is normal and stable. Even if she’s on her period or not feeling well, her surface mood should be normal most of the time.
  • But anyone can have a bad day, and your actions can also sour her mood. Luckily, Oniichan can also try to lighten his little sister’s mood with games or by cheering her up. Her mood will also influence the trust you can build up from other actions and how receptive she will be to sexual advances.
  • Menstrual Cycle
    She has a menstrual cycle, going through 4 phases on a 21 to 25-day schedule. Her phase in the cycle will influence her mood and her sexual desire. It will also determine her chances of getting pregnant. Certain Oniichans can smell when she’s on her period or ovulating. Other Oniichans can try to work out her schedule using the calendar in the room.
  • Customisable Oniichan
    Choose your history with your little sister, each option giving you different advantages and disadvantages when you start a new game. Examples are knowing her favourite discussion topic, having higher trust or attraction, or even knowing when she’s on her period.
  • Career path styles will influence how much money you have to spend and how much time you get to spend with her in the evenings. A student will be home when she’s home, giving you maximum exposure time every evening. A part-timer will be home later but has more disposable income to spend on his little sister. Current career paths are:
  • Student
  • Part-Timer
  • Full-Timer
  • NEET
  • Day Trader (subscribers)

Game Images & Screenshots

Unlocked Subscriber Special Gallery
WIN/Linux – Mac


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