Lewd Mod 2 [v37] By HH Richards

HH Richards Games released a new game called Lewd Mod 2 and the version is 37. The game’s story is about A continuation of Lewd Mod starting with chapter 15. You play as a content moderator for a virtual social network. You’re shown a mix of photos & have to decide if it needs to be removed, according to the strict guidelines the prudish SelfieBook bosses have given you. You’ll see lewd illustrations mixed in with selfies.​

Developer:HH Richards
File Size:88.2 MB
OS:Windows, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


in Day 37, Ingrid is hungover & shows you new rules about buttholes again, while Sophie finds something unexpected in the office & shows you photos from last night’s party.

Day 36


  • Day 30
    • Sophie talks about her promiscuous sister & Ingrid does a striptease in her office.
  • Maddie’s Bedroom Strip (Part 1)
    • This is the 1st part of a new spin-off game where Maddie wants you to help take some sexy striptease photos to treat her boyfriend.


  • Day 24

Developer Notes:

The reason why I’m creating Lewd Mod 2 is because many people told me that the images in the later chapters of Lewd Mod were slower to load than usual. It seems this is a limitation of the software I’m using, which slows down as the story gets longer. I’ve noticed that the editor I use to create the game was becoming very slow when adding more content – Lewd Mod has a lot of dialogue branches, more than the editor seems to be able to support! So my only option was to start a new game. – Lewd Mod 2 will continue the story, & introduce new characters. – This game is separate from the first Lewd Mod, to play chapters 1-14 you will need to play the first game.

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