Kuroinu 2 Redux [Final] By Liquid

Liquid Games released a new game called Kuroinu 2 Redux and the version is Final. The game’s story is about As the Nation faces invasion from the peoples it has pillaged for a century, one man defends it: Derek Rondo, the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult. He fights for his country, but plots to seize the throne for himself… A new visual novel betrayal epic begins from within!​

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Developer Notes:

A visual novel that tells the story of a mercenary who betrays the allies who sent him into battle.


  • 2+ hours of story
  • Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionals


Iris Arcadia
Voice: Himari

  • Princess General of the Holy Kingdom of Aurelia.
  • Whether it’s leading her army or wielding a sword herself, she is respected as a champion without equal.
  • With not an arrogant bone in her body, she is a compassionate woman who cares deeply about ensuring peace for her people.
  • As such, she is staunchly opposed to the ways of the Nation.
  • She shares a strong bond with Lady Seraphina, the symbol of the Holy Kingdom.
  • Although uncharacteristically strict for her age, when Lady Seraphina appears before her, she becomes remarkably docile.

Seraphina Rentoit
Voice: Hina Katakura

  • The ancient high elf that slumbers in the palace of the Holy Kingdom.
  • She is the reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia worshiped by the people of Eos. Legend has it that when the world is in danger of being destroyed, she will awaken to save the people.
  • She is elegant and modest, but there’s also something captivating about her.
  • Originally, she was opposed to going to war, but as the Nation grew, she came to fear that the world was at risk, and agreed to fight.
  • As she and Iris share a common cause, they have developed a friendship that transcends species.

Voice: Tokio Aoi

One of the soldiers under Derek’s command, half human and half dark elf. Indebted to the master who gave her her freedom, she will take on any dirty job Derek requires of her.

Mistiora Aite
Voice: Ryoko Tezuka

  • A pure-blooded dark elf, seldom seen in human lands.
  • On top of her rare beauty, she is also gifted with wisdom and grace.
  • However, she is also cursed. Countless men have fought over her, which has even led to the destruction of nations, and earned her the moniker “Deadly Beauty.” Wandering from place to place, she currently resides in the desert kingdom of Eldonia as the king’s concubine.

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