Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! [Final] By Milk factory

Milk factory Games released a new game called Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! and the version is Final. The game’s story is about During an enrollment exam at Sword Arts Academy, Shimojou Kazuma’s special ability suddenly activated towards one of the female examiners, leaving her stark naked. Kazuma, who developed special abilities that could only be used by women, was instead forced to enroll at [Toaru Girls Academy], a place where the huge-breasted elite of society attended. At Toaru, the level of a student’s skills is determined by their bust size, those skills are also called [Paikokinesis].

Developer:Milk factory
File Size:5.46 GB
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Developer Notes:

[Cool, versatile, smart love Ponkosundere childhood friend] Rion Jogasaki (CV: Mei Gyoen) Main character: A childhood friend who lives next door to Enjuuma. She is a second-year student at Tokiru Jogakuen. She is good-looking, smart, cool, perfect, and jealous of her winning spirit, but in front of Enjuuma, who she likes, she often shows her stupidity. Her special ability (her pyrokinesis) is gravity control (gravity control), which allows her to levitate herself, act in high-G environments, and use gravity control to punish Enjuma? to do However, if she uses her ability too much, there are many cases where sexual side effects such as “breast milk”, “wanting to kiss”, and “wanting to be spoiled” occur. She (she holds it down in front of Enjuuma, but usually seems to be restrained by masturbation)

[A spoiled childhood boob idol from Hokkaido] -Rinoka Misaki (CV: Sakura Hanazawa) Like Rion, a new idol childhood friend who lives next door to Enjuma’s house. She has just debuted as an idol, but it seems that her popularity is rising rapidly due to the size of her breasts that contradicts her lovely smile. She (currently appearing in a variety show that subjects idols to lewd trials, mainly for online distribution) . It changes. In most cases, either the angel part or the devil part of the person himself appears as an alter ego. Up to one person can have the ability to alter themselves at the same time, but depending on the situation, up to two alter egos may appear. She (She seems to be a counselor when she’s depressed)

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