Happy Heart Panic [Build 20] By Doggie Bones

Doggie Bones Games released a new game called Happy Heart Panic and the version is Build 20. The game’s story is about There’s evil afoot and Sam the Protector recruited Whispy the Fox to put a stop to it before the villainous plans of the enemy could be realized. Pick your hero and travel through many different stages to defeat the main boss and the minions within… or become their plaything if you prove insufficient. The game is a side-scrolling beat’em up with animations and animated game-overs. You can switch between the two heroes at any time and each has its own various animations when they get caught.​

Developer:Doggie Bones
File Size:124.3 MB
Version:Build 20
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Build 18


D / Right = Right
A / Left = Left
S / Down = Down
C / W / Up = Jump
E = Interact
R = Retry
Q / V = Weapon
Space / Shift = Dash
Z = Light Attack
X = Heavy Attack
Tab = Zoom
M = Mute voices
L = Lock Loop
F = Fullscreen
CTRL = Taunt/energy Regen
F1/F2 or +/- = Add or remove health quickly with cheats enabled
Spacebar = Zoom

Developer Notes:

Development is ongoing with ongoing updates!

Game Images & Screenshots


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