Guild Receptionist Ferris + DLC [Final] By NAGINATA SOFT

NAGINATA SOFT Games released a new game called Guild Receptionist Ferris + DLC and the version is Final. The game’s story is about A guild management game where you play as the guild receptionist Ferris! Recruit new adventurers, and fulfill requests by picking the right heroes for the job. Battles are resolved automatically. Up to 12 characters can fight in boss battles. Defeated female adventures will be dragged by the monsters to their lair for breeding.

File Size:499 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Steam Release

Developer Notes:

Battles progress automatically. Adventurers fulfill quests in up to 3 parties, but special boss battles allow up to 12 participants! While everyone is out questing, it’s also the guild’s duty to protect the citizens from assault!?

What do the monsters truly want? How will Ferris’ romance progress? Your choices will decide both, as the game features multiple endings.

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