Greiya: Seven Kingdoms [ch 0.1] By The Historian

The Historian Games released a new game called Greiya: Seven Kingdoms and the version is ch 0.1. The game’s story is about The Third Prince of Jivanna, having earned the disfavor of King Jivanne – likely due to being born the son of a mistress – is sent on an ill-supplied, undermanned, and underfunded military campaign, that by all laws of common sense ought to end with failure, and possibly death.​ Accompanied by an odd group of mismatched councilors and military commanders, though each is undoubtedly talented, none are without their flaws. The most unusual of the bunch, his advisor – Elizabeth el Nobilia, the First Princess of Nobilia – claims herself to be a “goddess of victory”, but more than anything seems to be a devil-taken human flesh.

Survival, let alone the coveted throne, seems far out of reach. The Prince pushes forward nonetheless, with his “theory of coexistence”, his pride as a giant warrior, his beliefs, the fate of his sister, and his very life on the line, he fights.

Developer:The Historian
File Size:1.21 GB
Version:ch 0.1
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

ch 0.1 – first public release

Developer Notes:

See first comment. Development status of this game is unconfirmed as of first release.

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