Girl Spy [v0.1.1] By Lobsterman9999

Lobsterman9999 Games released a new game called Girl Spy and the version is 0.1.1. The game’s story is about You missing your chance to become an agent for the CIA. Or did you? You’ve been given a second chance to prove yourself and get out into the field – but it’s a dangerous, difficult mission. You’ll need to work undercover at an Italian brothel as a trans woman. And that means transitioning in order to infiltrate. If you thought being a Female Agent was a tough job, just wait until you become… a Girl Spy.

Girl Spy is an affectionate parody mod of Female Agent. It takes the basics from Crushstation’s great spy adventure and flips it on its head by asking – what if the agent is sent on a naughty mission was a trans agent instead of a cis-gendered one? When playing this game you’ll have to navigate your way through the sex-fuelled urban underbelly of Rome, to take down a dangerous international terrorist, and you’ll have to navigate a gender transition as part of your cover story!!!​

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Developer Notes:

I (Lobsterman9999) created this parody mod as a way to express my delight and appreciation for Female Agent. The game’s only flaw is that there isn’t enough of it! I hope playing Girl Spy feels a lot like playing Crushstation’s original, but a bit more tongue-in-cheek and with my signature feminization spin. Maybe it will tide fans of the base game over while they wait for the next update! Enjoy!

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