Futa Fantasy – Futa NTR [v0.2] By Futa Fantasy

Futa Fantasy Games released a new game called Futa Fantasy – Futa NTR and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about Handholding on a moonlit night, she looking into your eyes and the romantic tension is palpable, the wind slowly whistling and parting the grass, what a lovely wholesome scene. Well this game is none of that, you are an adventurer alongside, your childhood female friend and many other girls that will join you too! But oh no! Two of the girls become Futanari! How do two girls become a singular Futanari? Well play and find out! Said Futanari could now be friend or foe as she moves to spew her goo among your gaggle of girlies! Will you say nothing? Will you watch helplessly? Or will you cut a deal and get some delicious voyeur with permission action? Find out for yourself, download today! On no obligation, this does not affect your statutory rights, for complaints phone 0-800-FUTA-IS-LIFE-00 to speak to one of our long dong dicked girls and arrange a home visit.

The theme is futa ntr in which the futa is doing the cucking/stealing girls from the mc. There is no futa on male or male on futa since we already have a lot of those. So, I will only heavily focus on Futa NTR since there aren’t a lot of that theme out there. Only game I know that have futa ntr is building our futature, futa family and dickgirl dorm.

Developer:Futa Fantasy
File Size:752.9 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

About Futa Fantasy I am creating a futa ntr game using rpg maker. I will only focus on those themes.

There won’t be any futa on male or male on futa. The game will be made public eventually in a month or so.

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